✓ Your property is managed by one Property Manager for all your management needs. This means a Property Manager who knows your investment property inside and out.
✓ We conduct a detailed PCR (Property Condition Report) with photos at the start of every tenancy. This is the most important report created.
✓ Routine inspection reports are carried out within 8 weeks of a new tenancy, then quarterly thereafter. Property owners are provided with a detailed report including photos.
✓ Proactive and preventative measures to ensure reliable cashflow for your property.
✓ Mindful management and planning to avoid unexpected costs associated with your property.
✓ We understand building relationships and constant communication is the key to a successful, long-lasting investment management strategy.
✓ We create an environment where your Property Manager can flourish with the support and guidance of the whole Bricks and Mortar Team.
✓ We have a passion for the industry and see property management as a career, not just a "job".
✓ We don't take on every listing presented to us - we maintain a high standard of clientele and properties.
✓ We are experts in compliance issues relating to renting out of your property.
✓ We keep up to date with all property related training, with Compulsory Professional Development for all real estate staff.
✓ We are property owners ourselves - we understand what it means to want the best of tenants in our properties.
✓ Your investment future is ours too. When you are successful, so are we.
✓ We manage properties from Merriwa to Mandurah, so we have you covered!

We provide exceptional services to assist people with buying, selling, or leasing residential properties. However, we know it is not just simply real estate. It is more about your home and livelihood. We are here to help you with that; to make your experience as easy, enjoyable, and fulfilling as it can possibly be.

We provide complete transparency for all our clients.  We offer a stress-free Property Management service to maximize your return & ensure owning an investment property is made easy!